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Question: Should i have a Yellow card if i already have my ewp boom over 11 meters licence?

Answer: Yes , Why?? ... While it is true you have an ewp licence to go over 11 meters. This does not act as proof of training in certain classes of ewp that you may have never operated before.

There are certain classes of ewp that you do not require a licence to operate. You will still require training on this equipment before you attempt to operate it. If you are involved in an accident while operating an ewp you have never been trained in eg( scissor lift), then you could be in strife along with your employer. The yellow card is proof of adequate training in its stipulated classes of ewp.

The Yellow Card ??

The importance of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OH&S) is to be taken seriously and followed by law. It has been put in place to protect and regulates workplace health, safety and the welfare of people.

Employees and Employers must co-operate with efforts to comply with OH&S requirements.
Proof must exist that an operator has received adequite training on the class / type of elevating work platform (EWP) they are operating.
The Yellow Card is administered by the EWPA The Yellow Card is direct proof of completion in one or more classes of EWPs. Cost: from $400.00

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Our services


Reach EWP Training is an official member of EWPA. Flexible on-site training anytime of the week.

We offer on-site training courses for the followings:

  • Scissor Lift (SL)
  • Self Propelled Boom lift (BL)
  • Vertical lift (VL)
  • Trailer mounted Boom lift (TL)
  • Truck Mounted Boom (TM)
  • Transporting (Load Restraint) (T)
  • VOC - Verification of Competency

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  • Over 11 meter BOOM (WP)


Machine hire

We also offer machine hire at very competitive prices.


Operatator hire

We offer a qualified machine operator over 11 metres (WP). Rate: $70/hour


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Reach Trainers $ assessors are accredited members of EWPA

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Our commitment is bringing satisfaction to our customers and creating the best result for your industry requirements, and offering the most competitive prices.

Our trainers have more than 5-year industry experience. They are passionated and devoted and are always ready to do the job.


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